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Enquiry Form for Sewa


  • Please add any special need into "Additional comments, if any" box above to serve you better.

  • Appreciate if you could add information like Address if the event expected at home or number of angat/congregation expected from personal contacts.

  • If you are looking for School visit/Religious speaker, please send us the number of participants, date and any additional arrangements (Food, Literature etc.) expected from us. We will try our best to fulfil the requests.

  • Chandoa sahib and Rumalla sahib specifications given below are for reference however requesing sangat to give bheta directly that can be used in other needs within Gurdwara sahib as Gurdwara sahib already has stock.

Thanks for your Inquiry. We will check the bookings and get back to you soon.


Indicative Bheta list for various Gurudwara functions.

Grocery List

Indicative grocery list for langar

Nishan Sahib 



Click below for Nishan Sahib measurements

Chandoa Sahib 



Click below for Chandoa Sahib measurements

Rumalla Sahib



Click below for Rumalla Sahib measurements

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