Current Committee & Staff Members

With Guru's blessings and support from sadh sangat, key accomplishments by current committee:

  • Achieved HSE certificate to prepare and serve the Langar (Free vegetarian food) by adhering HSE guidelines and controls  

  • During Covid pandemic, langar served to more than 800 people everyday twice for almost 8 months

  • Implemented HSE recommended controls & guidelines to re-open the Gurdwara sahib during COVID pandemic  

  • Agreed on website initiatives and launched the Gurdwara website

  • Charity status approved for Gurdwara Sahib

  • Revenue outstanding dues settled and land deed fully transferred and registered under Gurdwara Sahib’s name

  • All lights changed to LED

  • All sensors placed on lights

  • Thermostat control for heating

  • Shelves placed in dry store and  laundry, desk in study, mops cabinet, ( labour cost gupt dhaan)

  • Reception area fully panelled sink change

  • New Jora ghar

  • New sink for washing dishes, small sink for crusher

  • Storage boxes for rumala sahib and for dry store area

  • Walkie talkie expense and tent costs

  • New electric wiring to the back of the main circuit board

  • Painting of the whole building inside and outside plus radiators

  • Gully covered and door opening into gully

Jasbir Singh

Head Granthi

Sampooran Singh

Raagi Singh

Dilmeen Kaur


Jagpreet Singh


Kamaldeep Singh


Karampal Singh


Karanjit Singh


Pargat Singh


Satpal Singh


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