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Services Offered to the Sangat (Congregation)
(Free Vegetarian Food)

·Langar, is the term used in Sikhism for the community kitchen in a Gurdwara where a free meal is served to all the visitors, without distinction of religion, caste, gender, economic status or ethnicity. The free meal is always vegetarian and sometimes vegan

Akhand path is the non-stop, continuous recital of the Guru Granth Sahib from beginning to end. Such a recital is normally completed within 48 hours. The entire Holy Volume, 1430 large pages, is read through in a continuous ceremony. This "ritual" is considered a very holy practice and is said to bring peace and solace to the participants and the passive listener of the recitation.

Anand Karaj
(Marriage Ceremony)

Anand Karaj/Lavaan is the Sikh marriage ceremony, meaning "Blissful Union" or "Joyful Union", that was introduced by Guru Amar Das Sahib Ji.


Please reach out to Gurdwara in case there is a need of prayers (Sukhmani Saheb Paath and/or Kirtan) at your place or in Gurudwara for personal reasons.


For planning the school/class visit to Gurdwara for Religion lessons. Please click below on volunteering/booking button.


We can visit your school/place of work to explain basic principles of please click below on volunteering/Booking Button.

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