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Requesting more volunteers to join the Gurdwara committee

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh !

Follow Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s divine message of sewa and APPLY NOW to become a Committee member.
This is an opportunity not to be missed.  we are looking to build a team around skills required to manage the Gurdwara Sahib effectively.


An effective team will bring back a Sikhi based learning and provide a platform for our children and grandchildren to stay connected to the the Gurdwara sahib. 

If you have the skill set and competence in any field, Financial Controls, Health & Safety, Food Hygiene, Risk assessment and charitable governance just to name a few, then please apply.


Applications can emailed to

(For Directorship, please send us your proof of address and passport ID - stamp 4 where required, along with your application )



Committee Membership Form

Directorship Form

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